About Preco

Brian and Ian, the directors of Preco, encompass a wide range of experience and expertise ranging from the production of simple precast items to complex prestressing arrangements and design. 

Since starting the business 20 years ago the list of accomplished projects has grown extensively. There is no doubt that you would have passed a project that the Preco team has undertaken. Being involved in a number of large infrastructure projects throughout the years has set the path for the Preco team and they have continued to provide expert advice and service in this field ever since. With the ability to supply using an onsite capability if required there is no doubt that we can meet the needs of your next project.

What our clients are saying...

"The whole Preco team were brilliant and whenever there was a problem,
they jumped in to fix it immediately"

"Preco were proactive in design and information gathering, and were friendly."

"Deliveries were reliable and consistent"

"I know the effort you and your team put into those beams, despite all the challenges. We have made it clear to AT that this was no easy feat by Preco, and I’m sure that your reputation has been enhanced. From my perspective, it was business as usual with Preco. You do what you say you’re going to do, identifying and solving the problems as you go."

"We enjoyed working with you on this project and look forward to many more."

Preco operates from Tauranga, continuing to service the Auckland region, as well as the rest of the North Island, with a staff of approximately 55.  Overhead staff include 2 professional engineers and another 8-production staff covering draughting, production and administration. Accounting is backed up from professional accounting firm Vazey Child working within the business. 

Preco has a range of plant and equipment available to work on-site or as required.. The post tensioning division of Preco has a full range of post tensioning equipment which includes strand pushers, grout pumps and stressing jacks up to 900 tonne capacity.


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